YOUR GUIDE TO INTERNET FREEBIES – Lesson 12: Freebie Websites

nextlesson-internetfreebiesThere wouldn’t be a point in writing about internet freebies without including some very good freebie websites that you can visit. These sites provide some excellent freebies for you to sift through.

Free Stuff Central

This is a very popular free stuff site, with loads of cool things for those who are looking for cheap and frees tuff online. Many categories, including books, catalogs, CD-ROMs, contests, coupons, digital postcards, E-mail, Web space, magazines, pet stuff, phone cards, screen savers, software, and a whole lot more.

This is a fun site that offers loads of new freebies every day. Each freebie is reviewed thoroughly for you and offers here include free product samples, contests, games, sounds, graphics, freeware and tons more. They even have their own search engine, so you can quickly find what you need.


This is a nicely-organized, and information-packed site, that gives you hundreds of free software for Windows. There’s also a good selection of Net tools, utilities, programming files, Windows libraries and drivers, as well as free online Java games. their “What’s Hot” and “Top Ten”  are great features for a handy snapshot of the Web’s latest must-have freeware.

Fat Cat Freebies

This is a regularly updated freebie directory that offers a good selection of free offers. Categories include books & magazines, condoms, DVDs, fun freebies, health & beauty items, samples, student freebies, and more.

If you have got something you’re about to throw away you should turn to this handy website first because this free service, looks to link people who’re looking for free stuff with those who have items they need to get rid of. You must be 18 or older to use this service. covers cities in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and mainland China.

This new site offers a wide variety of family-oriented freebie items, including merchandise that you can earn when you sign up for sponsor offers. It is a good resource for finding G-rated stuff the whole family can enjoy.

This site offers you thousands of family-related freebie offers. Categories include catalogs, contests, coupons, entertainment, magazines, personal finance and more.

This site offers somewhere around 60 different categories of freebies and is regularly updated. Some of the Categories that are listed here include beauty and health items, CDs, clipart, clothes, family stuff, fonts, music, posters, recipes, videos, Web space and more.

This is a nicely designed freebies site that offers a variety of different family-oriented offers. Free stuff categories here include arts & crafts, books, clothing, education, fonts, graphics, health items, samples, sweeps, Webmaster tools and more.

This new site basically brings together new freebie listings from free stuff sites across the Web. The site is regularly updated and loads quickly.

Absolutely Freebies

This is an excellent resource, offering lots of free Net resources for Webmasters, as well as a general user. Here, you’ll find lots of goodies, such as contests, magazines, screen savers, Internet gaming, E-mail accounts, catalogs and more. Webmasters will find promotional tips, as well as free goodies to enhance their sites.

All-4-Free Freebie Tree

This is one of the largest free stuff directories on the Web today, this site is updated on a daily basis. Categories at this site include baby items, catalogs, contests, coupons, fonts, graphics, health items, Net access, games, software, Web space and more.

Free -n- Cool

This is a fast-loading, and neatly organized and just plain wonderful website, and Free -n- Cool has all the attributes of one of the best selling freebies site. You can get samples to gifts to sweepstakes and more here. The site lives up to its name, as well: besides freebies, you’ll find plenty of cool links to browse.

This site offers a very strong collection of freeware that is fun to browse. Each listing is reviewed and rated for you. Freeware around here includes programs for Windows, as well as DOS. Categories here include text editors, graphics programs, games, utilities, multimedia programs and more. Note: this site has begun charging a membership fee for access.

This is a nicely designed site offers a good variety of freebie offers, including free product samples and free trial offers. The site also has a free newsletter, if you are interested in staying posted on the latest free offers.

This is a freebies directory that offers reviews of free items in many categories, including books, catalogs, coupons, E-mail, fonts, games, graphics, greeting cards, magazines, samples, software, Webmaster tools, and more.

Free Center

This site is a good, solid site that offers freebies for both Webmasters, as well as a regular surfers. Webmaster tools in here range from counters to graphics to free home pages. For everyone else, there’s lots of freebies including contests, sound files, freeware and more. All offers are rated for you as well.

This freebies directory that offers 60 categories, as well as a search engine, so you can quickly find what you need. Free stuff sections here include chat services, contests, digital cards, fonts, games, graphics, MP3 files, samples, Webmaster tools and more.

Digital Free Stuff

This is a great place to get free stuff offers, including Web freebies, product samples and free goodies for Webmasters. Each offer is reviewed and rated.

Best Free Stuff

Here is a freebies site that offers stuff for the whole family. Content includes freebies for moms, freebies for dads, pet freebies, as well as computer freebies, sweepstakes and more.

This site offers a wide variety of free offers for everyone, as well as Webmasters. Freebie categories around here include computer items, coupons, entertainment, magazines, samples and more.

Free Stuff Place

This site offers a wide variety of various freebies. Here, you’ll find free catalogs, CD-ROMs, E-mail services, fonts, freeware, magazines, screen savers and more.

Only Free

This freebie directory offers a large selection of various free items, including free product samples, free services and family freebies. Offers here include mouse pads, gifts, DVDs and more.

This is a freebies site that offers lots of helpful enhancements such as a search engine and a feature that lets you create a personalized list of your favorite freebie bookmarks.

This site ranks the Web’s top free graphics resources by the number of votes they’ve received from their visitors. Each site is reviewed and the index is updated throughout the day.

This site offers a variety of free services and products. Free stuff categories here include computer stuff, contests, coupons, family freebies, magazines, samples and trial offers.

This is a different and fun freebie site, these people categorize their offerings into four broad sections: “New Stuff,” “Cool Stuff,” “Crappy Stuff” and “Useless Stuff.” This is just plain cool and worth a look.

This is a fast-growing new resource that offers a lot of freebies, as well as a handy search engine. Free stuff categories here include coupons, contests, fonts, graphics, postcards, product samples, screen savers, sounds, Webmaster freebies and more.

Here, you can find freebies, including books, computer items, cooking items, entertainment, phone offers, samples, screen savers and Webmaster tools.

This is a good place to go if you’re looking for freebies or cheapies on the Web. The site offers a regularly-updated collection of free samples, freeware, contests, money-saving offers, coupns and more.

This site is one of my fave’s for the Web’s top freeware screen savers. Screen saver categories here include anime, art, cartoons, computers, fantasy, games, holidays, horror & occult, movies, nature, religious, sci-fi, sports, TV and more.


This site is cool with a plethora of freebie offers. You name it, and it’s here: free samples, contests, free catalogs, gift certificates, free magazines, freeware, opportunities for earning cash and much more.


Here is a directory of various freebie offers and Webmaster resources, including free Web space services, Javascripts, affiliate programs, redirection services, freeware and more.

Here’s an index of Webmaster-related sites, that is ranked by the number of votes they’re received from visitors. Site categories here include graphics, JavaScript, CGI, CCS and HTML.

Cool Freebie Links

This site has a huge list of the Web’s freebies sites. Here, you get detailed reviews of each freebies resource. The reviews detail what the site is about, how it’s laid out and what pitfalls you may find there. There’s a lot here to explore.

This festive site offers a big collection of Christmas-themed freebies for all ages. Items here include free gifts, samples, yuletide contests, Christmas-themed software, children’s freebies, and other items.

This is a cool place for all things free on Valentine’s Day. Here, you’ll find free Valentine’s Day related samples, gifts, contests, games, screen savers, greeting cards, children’s freebies and more

This extremely popular website offers many freebies like software, mp3’s, downloads, utilities, and way more. These downloads are rated and have consumer reviews to help you choose the right ones

This site offers customer reviews, ratings, on their free software which includes screensavers, programs, games, utilities and much more. This is actually the site I visit the most.