YOUR GUIDE TO INTERNET FREEBIES – Lesson 15: Peer to Peer Networks

nextlesson-internetfreebiesWhen it comes to peer to peer networks, it is the most popular way for most of us to get free music, movies and software. These are not like the freebies that I mentioned before. These methods are basically illegal ways of getting the most popular and recent of any of these things.

You can get movies that haven’t even hit DVDs yet. Of course if you get caught you will be in trouble. Some people find that the trouble is worth it. I don’t but you never know. For all of the illegal peer to peer networks there are, you can find a legal one too. Some of the most popular peer to peer free network programs are:

–      Gnutella
–      eDonkey
–      Morpheus
–      Kazaa
–      LimeWire
–      Xolox
–      Shareza

Of course there are legal ones too. These often require a small payment per CD or song/movie/and software. These are free because they have the permission from the companies that they receive the songs from. Some have special deal with these companies to advertise their new things. Some of them give you free downloads with the purchase of the new ones. Some of the paid sites are:

–      iTunes
–      Songclassics
–      New Napster
–      Coolcds
–      Cdplanet
–      MTV

As cool as it sounds to get and use free file sharing programs like those mentioned above, you should know that there are some dangers to using them as well as wonderful downloads. Here is a short list of some of the dangers involved in using p2p networks for freebies:

–      Some downloads aren’t what they say they are
–      There is x-rated stuff to be found in them as well, and they are often listed as normal stuff
–      Files may be of poor quality
–      Files may contain spyware/adware
–      Files may contain viruses or worms
–      Files may not be complete
–      Some force you to share files as well which is how many people get caught
–      Some require payment over time
–      Files may be corrupted or duplicate
–      Files may not open on their own as they should