nextlesson-internetfreebiesNothing in life is guaranteed and 100% safe or free. We oftentimes heard the words of wisdom expressed NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE or IF IT IS FREE, THERE IS ALWAYS A CATCH, even IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT NORMALLY IS…

This clearly shows that we are quite skeptical of anything that lands on our desks, mailbox, online labeled as ‘FREE’. To say the least, we rarely believe or expect it to be actually FREE. We look for the snag right away. It is almost second nature. The internet is to a large extent underlining some of these perceptions, breaking new ground in others, where information sharing is in fact now FREE. Others expect you to pay for things that used to be free and so the cycle and spiral goes, round and round, deeper and deeper.

In and throughout this guide we opted to focus on INTERNET FREEBIES that offer value, incentive and reward. There are numerous ways to make money on the internet and things to look out for. We tried to highlight as many as we can to help you take full advantage of the benefits, mitigate the risk and enjoy what they have to offer.

The range and scope of internet freebies are wide and broadening daily. The human innovation and capacity for new ideas fuel the fire. The internet is the enabling technology that allows us to connect with our collective global fellow human-beings and ‘sharing’ internet freebies is just one new way that we connect and transact as human beings.

It offers the chance to connect, communicate FOR FREE. The internet provides a variety of NO CHARGE items that can enrich and empower your life, yours for the downloading and taking FREE, AT NO COST.

Faxes, live chats, blogs, audio and video downloads, global communication and exchange on a massive scale … and YES some of it is offered FREE. Many try it and increased supply and demand fuel these initiatives and endeavors that quickly grow huge followings and draw massive crowds of supporters and advocates. It is the new global platform and those that are smart enough to tap into it, will not be left behind.

The internet is opportunistic, immediate and provides instant gratification, on demand. It is in pace with our fast-paced lives and now brings us some of the products, services and information FOR FREE. We do not have to pay excessive amounts for things that used to be so expensive just a couple of years ago! Things change and move pretty quickly in this online market as well. Here today, maybe gone in seconds,  or by tomorrow. It is dynamic, aggressive and not for the faint of heart. Yet, it also EASY TO USE and the risks can be managed if you  make it a priority to be a hands-on, informed and empowered consumer.

We will always have wants, needs and desires, the internet peeks and keeps our curiosity. It provides the vehicle to search and find things we never imagines possible a little over a couple of decades ago. FREE offerings are useful marketing tools suppliers and service providers use to secure our interest, business and loyalty for life. Teasers and incentives, hooks and invites, they all qualify and all are fair game in this online hunt for internet freebies!

Pleasure you can not measure or have to pay for, that is the promise and potential of Internet Freebies. They are GREAT (when real) and we all look forward to getting them. Soon, we find out that ringing true to earlier statement FREE sometimes does come with a price tag and some risks.

Inherent,  embedded, unintentional, malicious, deliberate or just for fun, some internet freebies contain viruses for your computer, spyware and the like. Hidden agendas and shipping costs or false claims and misrepresentation are all abuses in this realm of offerings to look out for.

If you keep on trying and scrutinizing you will find something of value and to your liking offered for FREE, sooner or later. Persistence and determined effort will pay off. There are so many promises of FREE things and making money off the internet,  getting your hands on something valuable for no upfront investment, is irresistible to the majority of us.  We really trust this guide provided you with valuable insights, points and reminders to keep in minds as you set our on your own journey and hunt for online Internet freebies.

Some Food for thought on FREE ‘STUFF’, seen from a bit of a philosophical, tongue in cheek commentary of sorts, offered FREE OF CHARGE!!

Free advice is worth the price. Robert Half

The price of freedom of religion, or of speech, or of the press,
is that we must put up with a good deal of rubbish. Robert Jackson

The free expression of the hopes and aspirations of a people is the greatest and
only safety in a sane society.  Emma Goldman (1869 – 1940), Living My Life, 1931