YOUR GUIDE TO INTERNET FREEBIES – Lesson 18: 30 – Golden Rules for Dealing with Internet Freebies


  1. Know what FREEBIES are and offer, know what they are advertising – find out as much as you can BEFORE signing up. READ THE FINE PRINT or ASK A QUESTION.
  1. TOTALLY FREE IS BEST! When companies and websites start up they tend to offer MORE of these upfront. CASH IN WHERE AND WHILE YOU CAN. As they grow these tend to decline FAST.
  1. There is  no ‘gray area’ here – REALLY FREE means no pay per click or income generated for the site at all! This is what you should truly be on the look-out for.
  1. Finding creative ways to market, position, get key demographics and even promotional referral rights are all ways that online internet freebies are oftentimes used to attract attention and get what these providers need (a kind of mutual exchange value proposition)
  1. Advertising often ‘pays’ for or funds these freebies that are offer to the wide masses. Reaching a global audience and getting a bang for the marketing buck is what it is all about. Offering up something for free, seems like an easy ticket and way into tapping that worldwide market in an affordable manner. Making marketing dollars work harder and go further, have us benefiting from these FREE OFFERS ONLINE.
  1. Before being ‘hauled’ and reeled in FOREVER, be on the alert for SPAM (disguised, embedded and infiltration, incognito and stealth-like) Guard your personal information and identity – it is worth a lot on the internet! Some of these FREEBIES do nothing MORE than flood the interested party’s inbox with unwelcome and unsolicited spam, causing annoyance and potentially exposing your computer to harmful viruses and other spyware infestations.
  1. High-volume spammers and installation of  unwanted software like spyware or viruses is rampant in FREEBIES online. When in doubt, DO NOT DOWNLOAD, RATHER PASS!
  1. Shipping costs, rebates and any other type of FREE offer that involved money exchange can be potentially problematic and open to abuse if it deals with personal and financial confidential information. Refrain from sharing these online, be diligent and make informed decisions. There are risks and abuses, fraud, scams and identity thefts, or related online crimes that have been exposed.
  1. There are lots of different types of FREEBIES ON OFFER ONLINE. They could range from:

–        software (fax, email, burners, word processors etc.)
–        gifts from purchases made
–        electronics
–        music samples
–        movies and movie programs
–        quickie items like clothing, household items
–        wireless phones
–        satellite dishes

They could include free samples, rebates, SAE returns, limited trial offers and more.

  1. NO ONE WILL GIVE AWAY THINGS AT NO COST FOR NO REASON! BEWARE OF HIDDEN spam, pop-ups, spyware, adware, viruses and worms
  1. There are definitely some questions you should be asking yourself to protect your online interest and identity and avoid these risks and threats inherent to INTERNET FREEBIES:
  • Is the freebie worth the price that must be paid?
  • Do I have to buy something to get the freebie?
  • How much personal information do they require? (i.e. SSN, credit card info., bank information etc.)
  • Do I have to enter into a contract first?
  • is the freebie standing on its own or is there an added cost to pay?
  • what am I willing to do for my freebie?
  • Why is the site giving out freebies?
  • What’s in it for them?
  1.  There are lots of VERY REAL legitimate INTERNET FREEBIES AROUND that can make your life a lot easier – specifically on the digital download front (zip utilities, browser toolbars, firewalls and more) If you are diligent and read all the agreements, fine-print and reviews online, you can easily take advantage of these and simplify your life.


  1. You can increase your work productivity with free software downloads
  1. You can communicate in a more efficient way with email, chat and internet phone downloads
  1. You can use free samples as a method of learning about new products that may turn into your favorites
  1. Sometimes you can get extremely good deals with the freebies you find
  1. You can save a lot of time and money. Of course, the given…you really lose nothing insofar as money is concerned.


  1.  You may not always get what you wanted
  1. Freebies may contain viruses, spyware and adware
  1. You have to jump through too many hoops to get it
  1. Your freebie may actually wind up costing you money in shipping costs and other fees
  1. You may never actually receive a freebie at all
  1. You may be exposing yourself to identity fraud or spam
  1. FREEBIES ARE MOSTLY ABOUT ONLINE MARKETING! This is the new way the global economy reaches out to prospective clientele worldwide. It is the new way of connecting and transacting. Spreading the word and goods using freebies is a powerful and economical way for providers to operate! IT JUST MAKES SENSE. Get what you want, when you want, but be diligent and cautious BEFORE signing up or entering your information, download anything.
  1. If goes without saying to use reputable, reliable sites with good track record. There are many forums and warnings online to read and sift through.
  1. Free sample sites, web-searches and referral networks are popular ways for you to find the BEST INTERNET FREEBIES ONLINE.
  1.  FOUR ways to get yourself in trouble with online freebies, might include things that are bad for you, bad quality or worse ‘stolen’, proceeds of crime, expired food samples and the like, overpriced package deals, where buy this choice item and get the other one free with loaded prices. Also watch out for FREE TRAILS and ADDITIONAL PURCHASES REQUIRED type advertising. These are no more than bait on a hook to get you into coming back, or spending MORE MONEY! (which is the ultimate goal), which means incoming revenue for them, not necessarily YOUR BEST INTERESTS served well/BEST!
  1.  Filling out the sign up form or sheet is really easy, getting off or removed from lists will be EXTRA hard, complex and near impossible sometimes! ONLY FILL OUT THE ONES YOU ARE REALLY INTERESTED IN AND TRUST. Again read the full agreement thoroughly before clicking on agree or accept!
  1. Build a reference list for yourself for very good freebie websites that you can visit time and again. Your repertoire will expand as time passes and you have successes and failure with INTERNET FREEBIES.
  1.  There are illegal and P2P (peer-to-peer) sharing that are suspect, ongoing and even has legal and prosecutorial implications. Guard and protect yourself and your financial interests, by staying away from or falling prey to these online.

Throughout this text there are numerous examples,  samples and links. There are in no way endorsements or promotional attempts. This guide is intended for informational purposes only.


Internet Freebies do not have to be ever-elusive pipe-dreams or an obsessive compulsion. There are many legitimate sites and links offering great products, services, add-ins, value-add, free information to make you life a little easier.

Being informed,  diligent and a little cautious never hurt anyone. We wish you the best with your online hunt for the ultimate FREEBIE!  Good luck and all the best.

PS. Let others know about great deals and ‘share the wealth’ – PASS IT ON and PAY IT FORWARD!

If you want your life to be more rewarding, you have to change the way you think.
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